You are Everything To Me, Nda

Right now at this very minute-----------

I am very proud of you
I am thinking of you
I care about you
i miss you
i want to talk to you
i want to be with you
i hope you aren't in trouble
i am thankful for the support you have provided
i want to hold your hand
i hope everything turns out all right
i want you to be happy
i want you to find them, your happiness
i am celebrating your successes
I want to give you a gift
i think you ARE a gift
i hope you are not too cold, or too hot
i want to hug you
i want to love you till death make us apart
i want to lavish you with small gifts
i admire your strength
i am thinking of you and smiling
i want to be your shoulder to cry on
i want to go out with you and have a lot of fun
i think the world of you

i want to protect you
i would do anything for you
i want to be forgiven
i am grateful for your forgiveness
i want to laugh with you about old times
i remember you and wish you were there
i’m praising God for you
i need to know that your love is unconditional
i value your advice
i want to tell you how much they care
i want to stay up watching old movies with you
i want to share their dreams with you
i want to hold you in their arms
i want YOU to hold them in your arms
i treasure your spirit
i wish i could STOP time because of  you
i praise God for your friendship and love
i can't wait to see you
i wish that things didn't have to change
i love you for who you are
i love the way you make them feel

i want to be with you

hope i can grow old with you

i hear a song that reminds them of you
i want you to know i’m here for you
i’m glad that you're my friend
i stayed up all night thinking about you
i want to get to know you better
i believe that you are their soul mate
i want to be near you
i miss your guidance and advice

i value your guidance and advice

i have faith in you
i trust you
i need your support
need you to have faith in them

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